A Brief Look Back at 2017

What did philosophers talk about in 2017?

Here are the top 15 most-visited posts at Daily Nous over the past year (with some posts on similar topics counted together, and excluding posts about the deaths of philosophers, which I mention later in this post):

15. Philosophers On The Art of Morally Troubling Artists

14. Visualizing The Logical Structure of Arguments: A New Platform

13. Gender Studies Won’t Have Them As A Member: The Attempted “Conceptual Penis” Hoax

12. Philosophy Professor Receiving Death Threats

11. A Woman’s Graduate School Experience at Princeton Philosophy in the 80’s

10. Peter Singer Event Disrupted By Protestors

9. Tax Proposal Would Make Getting a PhD in the US Very Expensive

8. Philosophy PhD Program Rankings: APDA’s 2017 Final Report

7. Philosopher Drops Some Bombs

6. An Impressively Detailed Philosophy Paper Grading Rubric

5. The Publication Emergency

4. Philosophy Under Threat at Univ. of St. Thomas Houston & Univ. St. Thomas Administration Plans to “Terminate” Philosophy PhD Program

3. Why Progress Is Slower In Philosophy Than In Science

2. Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Retaliation Lawsuit Against John Searle

1. Philosopher’s Article On Transracialism Sparks Controversy (and assorted related posts, etc., etc., etc., etc.)


Some other posts of note this year:  The Intellectual Achievement of Creating Questions A Way Western Philosophy Is RacistMost Philosophers Favor Efforts To Broaden The DisciplineHow Philosophy Makes ProgressWhat Philosophical Term or Concept Should Be More Widely Known?The Quality and Reach of Philosophical WritingPhilosophy Time with James FrancoAnalytic Philosophy’s Egalitarianism and Standpoint Epistemology’s PrivilegingProfs: What Do You Regret About Your Time In Graduate School?Three Observations About Moral Philosophy TodayNet Return On Philosophy Major Is Comparable To That Of Engineering Major,


A number of well-known philosophers died this past year, including Derek ParfitTom ReganFabian Dorsch,  Marilyn McCord AdamsHubert Dreyfus, Josh Parsons, Delia Graff Fara, Jerry Fodor, Eileen O’Neill, and Lynne Rudder Baker. They will be missed.


I hope you’ve all been having a good winter break. I took some time off from posting regularly here over the last week or so, but now that the new year has begun I will work my way up to the usual pace. I’ll be at the APA this week, too, so feel free to say hi if you see me.

Oh, and here’s one more post from last year, in case you want something to smile about.

Happy New Year, everyone!

taking it all in

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