Tom Regan (1938-2017)

Tom Regan, professor emeritus of philosophy at North Carolina State University, died this morning. Professor Regan was known largely for his work on ethical questions regarding the treatment of animals. He developed a theory of animal rights which he put forward in his well-known book, The Case for Animal Rights. He was also a specialist on the philosophy of G.E. Moore.

Professor Regan received his PhD from the University of Virginia and taught at NC State from 1967 until he retired in 2001. In addition to his academic work, he and his wife created the Culture and Animals Foundation, which “seeks to expand humankind’s understanding and appreciation of other animals, improving the ways in which they are treated in today’s society.” A volume of essays by other philosophers about his work on animal rights was published just last year.

You can learn more about Professor Regan at his website and at Wikipedia.

(source: Peter Singer)

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports that Regan died at home “after a bout of pneumonia.”

UPDATE 2: Mylan Engel (NIU) writes in an obituary, “While the animal rights community has lost its biggest advocate, we can be grateful that his words will live on to inspire countless others to give animals the moral respect they are due.” His full obituary is here.

An obituary by Cody Fenwick appears at

Tom Regan (photo by Matt Huffman)

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