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Open, Live, Online Philosophy Events

Below is a spreadsheet of philosophy events (conferences, workshops, talks, panel discussions, etc.).
You are welcome to add to it, provided the event meets the following criteria:

  • Open. Accessible to viewers and/or participants without them having to pay fees or join a dues-paying group.
  • Live. Not merely the posting of a previously recorded event.
  • Online. Accessible in some online format (videoconferencing, audiofeeds, blogs).
  • Organized by an academic philosopher or a group that includes academic philosophers.

To keep the spreadsheet navigable, please be economical in your descriptions and make use of links to further informtion instead of loading the cells with paragraphs of text. As for where to enter your event on the spreadsheet, note that events should be listed in order of the date(s) on which they’re (next) taking place, with those furthest in the future at the top of the spreadsheet.

You can view the spreadsheet below.

To add an event to it, go here.

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