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Daily Nous provides news for and about the philosophy profession, useful information for academic philosophers, links to items of interest elsewhere, and an online space for philosophers to publicly discuss it all. The site is maintained by me, Justin Weinberg, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

With over 6.85 million views per year, Daily Nous is one of the leading sites of its kind. It has been reported about or cited in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, National Public Radio, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, The New York Review of Books, The Financial Times, New York Magazine, Vox, and various other media outlets, and has had its content recommended by The BrowserOpen CultureBookforum, and other well-known web curators. You can follow the site on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

If you have news you would like to share, or other items you think would be of interest to professional philosophers, please send it to dailynouseditor at gmail. If you would like to share information confidentially, please say so in your correspondence and I will not reveal you as a source. If you spot an error on the site, please contact me.

Comments are welcome, though please take a look at the comments policy.

Daily Nous often links to other sites and material that I think will be of interest to some readers. Please note that my linking to another site does not imply an endorsement of the site, its content, or its creators. Daily Nous occasionally publishes guest posts by others on topics that I think will be of interest to some readers. Guest posts express the views of the author; my publishing of a guest post does not imply that I or others associated with Daily Nous endorse the content of the post.

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The only information about its readers collected by Daily Nous is what’s provided by its commenters and subscribers. This information is never shared with third parties. If you have any concerns about your privacy, email me.

The name of the blog includes an ancient Greek word, nous, meaning “intellect” or “understanding,” that is sort of pronounced like “news,” and so “Daily Nous” sounds a bit like “daily news.”

Entries are time-stamped in the Eastern Time Zone.

Daily Nous began on Friday, March 7, 2014.

Justin Weinberg

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5 years ago

Was the email list updated? I used to get a daily email, but I haven’t received one in months. This is by far my favorite blog.Report

HHazhir Teimourian
5 years ago

Well chosen, Dr Weinberg. I have wondered for some time whether ‘nous’ is the original of ‘nafs’ which, in nearly all the Middle Eastern languages has come to stand for ‘the slef’? Anyway, even though I’m not a professional – for I’ve started an MA degree at the age of 76! – I plan to follow your website hence. I was searching for comment on the Web on the late Derek Parfit when I discovered you. So, power to your elbows and may you prosper!
Hazhir Teimourian, London.Report

HHazhir Teimourian
5 years ago

Sorry about the double H there. Does that count as a senior moment?Report

Hazhir Teimourian
5 years ago

And I have just found another. I meant ‘self’, of course.Report

Surajit Barua
Surajit Barua
4 years ago

Dr. Weinberg, you are doing a great service to the profession.Thank you very much. My worries about the profession lessen when i think about people like you. Please keep up the good work. All the best.Report

SSSlow Reader
SSSlow Reader
2 years ago

I just stumbled into this wonderful Blog!
I am now going to venture into all the different pages of content —
Fascinating and compelling — thank you for curating this information!
Your 60-year-old philosophy-noviceReport

Alec Fraher
8 months ago

What’s the point of ‘pointing out’ that pointing does not alter the object being looked at? Are we all an emanation of ‘State’?Report

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