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Morgan Freeman, Philosophy, and Science

Through the Wormhole is a television show on the Science Network hosted by Morgan Freeman. Its latest episode is about the direction of time and features Craig Callender* of UC San Diego in its first segment. So pretty much Morgan Freeman does his magical cosmic opening thing and then introduces and discusses time with Callender, who also goes paddle-boarding and ha..


Schliesser Offered Chair at Amsterdam

Eric Schliesser, currently Research Professor in Philosophy and Moral Sciences at Ghent University, has been offered a Chair in Political Theory in the Political Science department at the University of Amsterdam. He reports that he “will almost certainly accept.” Profesor Schliesser works mainly in the history of modern philosophy and philosophy of economics. He als..


Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups

The UPDirectory is a new website that provides a directory of philosophers from traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy. From the site:

The purpose of the directory is to provide an easy-to-use resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the work of philosophers who belong to underrepresented groups within the discipline.

The directory includ..

Hobbies of Philosophers: Lauren Ashwell

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Hobbies of Philosophers: Lauren Ashwell

Lauren Ashwell is assistant professor of philosophy at Bates College. She works in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and feminist ethics, and her work has been published in Philosophical StudiesPhilosophy CompassAustralasian Journal of Philosophy and elsewhere. So she’s good at her day job. But that is just a necessary, not sufficient, reason for being featured i..