Leeds Declares Punitive Pay Measures Against Faculty; Philosophers Respond By Resigning As External Examiners

The University of Leeds has told its faculty and staff that they will not be paid while on strike, and will be docked 25% for each day, after they’ve returned to work, that they fail to reschedule class time missed during the strike, according to Leeds Live.

In response, a pair of philosophers, Mary Leng of the University of York and Robert Stern of the University of Sheffield, have written to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds, Alan Langlands, resigning from serving as external examiners for programs in Leeds’ School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science. (The three schools comprise the White Rose University Consortium). Here is their letter:

If you know of other philosophers joining with Professors Leng and Stern, or of other actions being taken by philosophers in regards to this announcement at Leeds or other aspects of the strike, please share that information in the comments.

(via Martin O’Neill)

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