Project to Develop Code of Publishing Ethics for Philosophy Awarded $75k

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a $75,000 grant to a a team undertaking the development of a code of publishing ethics for philosophy.

The project is led by Fairfield University associate professor of philosophy Kris Sealey (Fairfield), and includes the Executive Director of the American Philosophical Association (APA) Amy Ferrer, academic consultant Rebecca Kennison (K|N Consultants), and philosophers Yannik Thiem (Villanova),  Adriel M. Trott (Wabash), and Kyle Powys Whyte (Michigan State).

This group, according to a press release from the APA, “will work with philosophers and publishers on publication policies, best practices, and recommendations for a code of publication ethics. The goal is to create a resource that journal editors, publishers, and professional societies both in philosophy and in the humanities more broadly can use and adapt.”

Issues on the table include:

  • scholarly misconduct
  • diversity in citation and engagement practice
  • varieties of plagiarism
  • bias in research, peer review, and editorial practices
  • correcting the scholarly record

The press release adds: “in order to address widespread disagreement about these issues, the grant will bring editors, scholars, and publishers together to develop a set of explicit and clear guidelines.”

Further details here.

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