Philosopher Clothing

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This is the “Gottlob Frege: Begriffsschrift” A-line dress, designed by philosopher-artist Maureen Eckert and brought to my attention by Sara Bernstein. The pattern is also available on leggings. She also has clothing available with Frege’s square of opposition on it, such as this shirt.

These items are available on Redbubble, where, I recently discovered, you can find a surprising number of philosopher-themed clothing, such as:

Many of philosopher-artist Renee Bolinger‘s portraits of philosophers are available printed on clothing, too.

Also, some of the artwork by the philosophers who create the comic strips here at DN is also available in clothing form. Check out stuff from Pete Mandik, Rachel Katler, Tanya Kostochka, and Ryan Lake.

See some philosopher-inspired clothing online? Let us know, and include a link.

And maybe someone could get working on making a Hobbes shirt, like this:

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