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Philosophers On Taylor Swift

Music star Taylor Swift is currently on tour. There have been countless recent articles about her, her popularity, her shows, her music, her wealth, her interactions with other celebrities, and even her fans using an app to make fake audio clips of her talking. What has been missing from all this coverage? Philosophers. Until now. (more…)


Philosophy References in Pop Music

Checking out Poison Season by Destroyer this past weekend I came across the following lyric in “Sun in the Sky“:

Tender is the night
That sweeps us up in its folly
I left my keys on the kite
And my violin on the trolley

Violin and trolley? That’s no coincidence. I looked up the band and it turns out frontman Dan Bejar was a philosophy major before he drop..

World’s Largest Philosophy & Music Festival

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World’s Largest Philosophy & Music Festival

HowTheLightGetsIn bills itself as “the world’s largest philosophy and music festival.”  With 650 events, 370 acts, and 200 speakers on 9 stages over 11 days, it probably is. It takes place in the town of Hay-on-Wye, about 160 miles or so west of London. The schedule for the festival was recently released, and includes panels and debates with philosophers such as Sim..