A Philosopher’s “Brain Music”

Dan Lloyd, Brownell Professor of Philosophy at Trinity College, thinks that “brain dynamics resemble the dynamics of music” and that “tools from cognitive musicology may therefore be useful in characterizing the brain as a dynamical system.”

He has explored this idea in a number of ways, including “sonification”—the process of converting data to sound. He uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of brains and converts them into music. His latest subject? Dan Dennett (Tufts). That’s right, we now have “12 gigabytes of 3-d snapshots… 8000 images” of Dennett’s brain.

What can you do with that information? What Lloyd did was make it into music. Check out the music of Dan Dennet’s brain:

Apparently Dan Dennett’s brain is a huge Eno fan. (Or maybe Fripp. Or both.)

You can learn more about Lloyd’s project here and here. Interesting!

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8 years ago

I had been wondering what K.I.T.T. has been up to.