New Voice in the Philosophy-Themed Music Scene

Philosophy-themed music is not the most popular genre, but it shares a lot of the same features of any type of music.

You’ve got your classics, your big name acts, your one-hit wonders, your indie darlings, your clever lyricists, your concept albums, your singer-songwriters, your “Weird Al”,  your deep cuts, your subversive art duo, and your amateur acts, not to mention fan tributesfan fantasies, karaoke, and the folks who hear philosophy in all sorts of music.

Now there’s a new voice on the scene, Hannah Hoffman, who brings her jazzy pop stylings to a few subjects in philosophy.

Check it out:

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Alan White
Alan White
4 years ago

My inclusion here with some real luminaries of phi-song made my day Justin! I believe it was Kris McDaniel of Monads fame who first referred to me as the Weird Al of this genre many years ago when he was a grad student first doing his thing. I believe composed my first parody in 1978 to sing at a UT-Knoxville philosophy department annual Christmas party as a grad student myself, and just kept going throughout my career. It wasn’t easy putting together many of these MP3s on a first-gen Pentium, and many songs certainly show that. (I still don’t know how to use GarageBand.) In any case, thanks again, and as I say on my very old page, that’s whether you encourage me or forgive me!

And if I may, Hannah, those videos are wonderful! Great lyrics, great voice!

el león
el león
4 years ago

I am waiting for The Young Hegelians to get back together. It would be Absolute.