Win a Jingle for Your Course

Daniel Groll, associate professor of philosophy at Carleton College, has been creating videos of short jingles written to promote online courses he and his colleagues are teaching.

Groll, whose musical c.v. includes the rock group The Counterfactuals and the kids’ music duo Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band, goes minimalist on this new project, making most of the music using a stylophone:

Here’s the jingle for his medical ethics course:



It’s Medical Ethics 222
It’s Medical Ethics Online
We can’t be together, we’re so far apart
But we’re making the best of a very tough time

Discussion and readings
Done via Zoom meetings
The class is all online

Yes it’s medical ethics 222
We’re making the best of a very tough time

And here’s one he did for Biology 126: Energy Flow in Biological Systems:



How does energy flow
In biological systems, where does it go?
The point of this course is to let you know
Just how energy flows.

Carbon sequestration, cycles Calvin and Krebs
Digestion, food webs, membranes and nutrients
Stoichiometry, movement and atp
You’ll learn what this all means in intro to biology

Through the magic of Zoom it will all work out fine
Energy flow in biological systems…online

Now I know what you’re thinking: “How can I get one of these jingles for my course this fall?“.

Well, dear reader, you’re in luck, for you have a chance to win a jingle, made by Professor Groll in consultation with you, right here on this website. All you have to do is put a comment on this post with a key term or phrase from your course and a word or phrase that rhymes with it. Include your name and the name of your course, too. Submissions will close on Friday. We will pick a winner at random and announce it next week.

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4 years ago

Key phrase: reason
Rhyme phrase: gerunds with appropriate ending — freezin’, easin’, pleasin’, etc.

Justin Kalef
Justin Kalef
4 years ago

Dialectic / hectic

-Justin Kalef,
Contemporary Moral and Social Issues

Reply to  Justin Kalef
4 years ago

Why not “antiseptic”? Seems to fit the current times pretty well 🙂

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
4 years ago

Help with rhymes for 3 keywords appreciated for contemplated Zoom seminar on ethics of reopening economy in pandemic:
“Dangerous Month Marathon”

More seminar jingle ideas:

Mathias Klang
4 years ago

Course: Privacy and Surveillance
Key phrase: Privacy is about power

Rhymes with: power, shower, flower, sour, dour, glower, tower, plougher,

Joel Reynolds
Joel Reynolds
4 years ago

Course: Bioethics and Disability
Key Term: Normality
Rhymes: anything ending in -ity or -cy or -ly (profundity, redundancy, morality, formality, pungency, wondrously)
My Name: Joel Michael Reynolds

Candice Shelby
4 years ago

Course: Philosophy of Mind
Key term: emergency
Rhyme: seduction

Michael Cholbi
Michael Cholbi
4 years ago

Philosophy of Death and Dying
Key word: mortality
Rhyme: attitudes

Stephen Bloch-Schulman
Stephen Bloch-Schulman
4 years ago

Class name: Reclaiming Democracy
Rhymes: hypocrisy

Hilary Kornblith
4 years ago

For my epistemology course:

I’m no Cartesian
I don’t need a reason
For thinking the things that I do.
I’m an externalist
So my beliefs persist
Reliably caused and true.

That’s all its takes
To know I’m awake
To know that I’ve got these two hands.
Knowledge is easy.
No need to feel queasy
You don’t meet Cartesian demands.

Reply to  Hilary Kornblith
4 years ago

I think I need to hear this put to music.

Brad Cokelet
Brad Cokelet
4 years ago

Intro to ethics
Key phrase: the good life
rymes: knife, strife, wife, rife

Ian James Kidd
Ian James Kidd
4 years ago

Philosophy of Mortality (philosophy of chronic illness – about the oppression of ill persons)
rhymes with: