More Philosophy Songs

“Knowledge of the world relies / On what we can see / But experience implies / Nothing yet to be.”

That’s a verse from “Problem of Induction,” one of Hannah Hoffman’s new philosophy-themed songs. You can check it out below, along with another new one, “The First Philosopher.”

You may recall some of Hoffman’s previous philosophy-themed music.

Her musical humor expands beyond philosophy, too. Check out her delightfully absurdist “Biden – You Know The Thing” and its follow up “No Religion, No Anything (Trump Reacts to Biden)“, among other music videos at her site (you can also support her work on Patreon).

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Max DuBoff
3 years ago

I’ve been a fan of Hoffman’s since you originally posted about her–her music is great, and nice to see you giving another shout-out!

Andrew Moffatt
Andrew Moffatt
3 years ago

I love Hoffman’s music! The Euthyphro song is just sublime.

Curtis Franks
3 years ago

The philosophy-themed songs are not at all my thing, but her “Hava Nagila” variations are clever and her recent completely heartfelt and earnest cover of “Tainted Love” is downright brilliant. The higher irony.