Much Fewer Academic Philosophy Jobs Advertised This Season

Compared to previous years, the number of academic jobs advertised this season is much lower.

According to an analysis by Charles Lassiter (Gonzaga) posted at his blog, “there are 53% fewer jobs posted on PhilJobs in 2020 compared to 2018 and 2019.” By this time in 2018 there were 270 jobs posted, and in 2019 there were 267. This year: 126.

Graph by Charles Lassiter

There was a 73% decline in advertisements for tenure-track positions this season, compared to last fall:

Graph by Charles Lassiter

There hasn’t been much of a decline in post-doc positions, though:

Graph by Charles Lassiter

Dr. Lassiter notes:

The long-term effects of this are hard to discern, but of this much we can be confident: there’s going to be a hell of a backlog of job-seekers for the foreseeable future. The job market wasn’t pretty before, and it’s only going to get worse. It’s not as though the jobs are going to spring back right away, if at all…. In light of this, I hope that departments and the APA increase their efforts to promote non-academic careers… The situation was already unsustainable, and the pandemic has only made matters worse. The profession can’t keep continuing to prioritize academic over non-academic careers. This is an opportunity to grow and adapt.


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