Profiles of Non-Academics with Philosophy Degrees

Most of the students in our undergraduate philosophy course, even most of philosophy majors, and quite a number of those with graduate degrees in philosophy—do not become professors of philosophy. What do they do with their degrees? Who can we point out to our current students as examples of those who make use of what they’ve learned studying philosophy outside of academia?

Well there’s this list here at Daily Nous of non-academic hires to which people can add their own information. There are lists of famous philosophy majors and philosophy majors in the news, and some of the interviews here are with people outside of academia who have philosophy degrees.

Adding to these resources is a new site, “Doing Things With Philosophy – Beyond Academia.” It’s the creation of Helen De Cruz (Oxford Brookes Univevsity) and features brief interviews of people with philosophy degrees who work outside of academia. So far there are profiles of a television producer and writer, and an executive at a non-profit organization. Each of those profiled answer a few questions, including this one: How does your philosophical training and formation help you in your career?

Professor De Cruz informs me that several new profiles will be appearing over the next few weeks. Check it out, and share it (and the other aforementioned sites) with the undergraduate advisors at your school.

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