Grad Programs and Non-Academic Careers

How should graduate programs address the fact that some of their graduates will not find jobs in academia? There was a brief discussion of this here back in the early days of DN, but I am prompted by a reader to revisit the question. He writes:

My department has a terminal MA program. By admitting students into this program, one of the responsibilities that we take on is doing our best to put students in position to secure a good job, or to continue on with further training that will put them in such a position. For our students, this means preparation for jobs outside of academia. I wonder if any of your readers have advice that would help us fulfill this obligation. What jobs can an MA in philosophy help you get? What courses should we offer to prepare them for these jobs? What other resources (workshops, internships, etc.) should we provide?

Though his question is about MA programs, answers that speak to what PhD programs can do in this regard are also welcome.

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