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Heap of Links

1. Why study paradoxes? Roy Cook (Minnesota) answers.
2. An argument for the following: “The maxim ‘my country must fight a war to end this episode of political violence and politically-induced suffering’ is approximately equivalent to the maxim ‘the political elites of my country may fight wars at the times and places of their choosing, for the reasons of their cho..


Retaliation and the Ketland Case (Guest Post by Heidi Lockwood)

Heidi Lockwood is associate professor of philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University. She works on topics in logic, metaphysics, and epistemology, and has also done quite a lot of work, both written and behind the scenes, on issues related to sexual misconduct in the academy. She has guest posted* at Daily Nous before. In the following open letter she addres..


Hacking Wins 2014 Balzan Prize

Ian Hacking (Toronto) has won the 2014 Balzan Prize for Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind. The prize includes 750,000 Swiss Francs (€620,000; $800,000 £490,000). Half of the amount must be designated by the winners to research projects. Hacking was selected

for his fundamental and pioneering contributions to philosophy and the history of social and natural scien..


Six Month Status Report

Daily Nous began on the first Friday in March, and now it is the first Friday in September. It’s six months old, so still a baby, but nonetheless this seems like a good enough occasion to bore you with some blogging about the blog.

1. First things first.
THANK YOU! Daily Nous is still alive, and doing pretty well, as you’ll see, and of course that is owed to you: t..