Philosopher-Celebrity Lookalikes

Philosopher-Celebrity Lookalikes

Brian Talbot (Washington University in St. Louis) has been pairing up well-known philosophers with the celebrities who look like them. He kindly agreed to let me share the idea with you. Here’s my favorite so far:

Hume Lovitz

That’s David Hume and Jon Lovitz.

This match, owed to Julia Staffel, is also quite good:

Descartes Sambora

Descartes and Richie Sambora, of course.

Your additions welcome in the comments, but let’s try to not insult any living philosophers.

UPDATE: It turns out that it may be rather difficult, and perhaps impossible, for some people to add images in the comments as the site is currently configured. So if you mention the links to the images in the comments, or email them to me at [email protected], I will add them to this post below the fold.

from Clayton:
audi gazzara

Robert Audi & Ben Gazzara

from Clayton:

Wright Urquidez

Crispin Wright & Benny Urquidez

From me:

socrates-the-teacher zach-galifianakis-close-up

Socrates & Zach Galifianakis

from David Boonin:
Hobbes & Worf

feuillet123 suggests Quine and Patrick Stewart, but I think Ian McKellan could play the role, too.
Stewart, Quine, McKellan

from anon1:
Rand Moss
Ayn Rand & Elisabeth Moss

from Thomas Brouwer:

Bernard_Bolzano Richard_E_Grant

Bernard Bolzano & Richard E. Grant

from David Boonin:
Ayer o'keeffe

A.J. Ayer & Georgia O’Keeffe

from Eric Hagedorn:
nozick george-clooney-cannes-01
Robert Nozick & George Clooney

from Eric Hagedorn:
kant2 Gollum
Kant & Gollum

from SM:

kierkegaard Michael-Pitt

Soren Kierkegaard & Michael Pitt

from Eddy Nahmias:
Wittgenstein,Ludwig kerouac2
Ludwig Wittgenstein & Jack Kerouac

from Tamler Sommers:
Williams orbach
Bernard Williams & Jerry Orbach

from PCY:
wittgenstein2 Peter Capaldi BW Web

Wittgenstein & Peter Capaldi

from fan:
Judith Jarvis Thomson & Judi Dench

from Clayton:
pschurchland gunn

Patricia Churchland & Anna Gunn

from David Brink:
John Rawls & Gary Oldman

from Clayton:
Henderson macy

David Henderson & William H. Macy

from Steven Hales:
Nelson Munster
Nelson Goodman & Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis)

from Michael Glawson


Richard Rorty & Newt Gingrich

from Ben Hale:
Foucault Malkovich
Michel Foucault & John Malkovich

from JG:
hobbes 2 theoden01

Hobbes & Theoden (Bernard Hill)

from YL:
ElsterMichael Caine - Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival) 2012 at Gartenbaukino
Jon Elster & Michael Caine

from Carl B. Sachs:
Foucault5 Savalas

Michel Foucault & Telly Savalas

from Newton:
Leibniz & Elvira

from Clayton:
craig Shearer

William Lane Craig & Harry Shearer

from me:


Henry Sidgwick & Matthew McConaughey

from Kenneth Burke:
Up Habermas
Jurgen Habermas & Carl Fredericksen (Up)

from Gwen Bradford:

Arthur Schopenhauer & Johnny Depp

from Ben B.:


Baruch Spinoza & Jerry Seinfeld

from Ben B,:
Chalmers Sheen
David Chalmers & Michael Sheen

from Ben B.:
baudelaire McEnroe

Charles Baudelaire & John McEnroe

from Ben B.:
ThoreauEllen DeGeneres, host of the 79th Academy Awards telecast.
Henry David Thoreau & Ellen DeGeneres

from Ben B.:
MillCharles Dance

John Stuart Mill & Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones)

from Ben B.:
Thomas Nagel & Dudley Moore

from Ben B.:

Heidegger Jeffrey Jones

Martin Heidegger & Jeffrey Jones

from Ben B.:
derrida Falk2

Jacques Derrida & Peter Falk

from Ben B.:
Arthur Schopenhauer & Christopher Walken

from Anonymous:
Brian Leiter & Henry James

from anon1:
Nussbaum 1 Nussbaum 2

Martha Nussbaum & Martha Nussbaum

from David Taylor:
McTaggart, by V.H. Mottram 1909Banner
J.M.E. McTaggart & John Banner (Sgt. Shulz)

from David Boonin:
Ralph Waldo Emerson & Robert De Niro

from MS:
John Locke & Adrian Brody

from Ben B.:
Frankena, William K Robbins

William Frankena & Tim Robbins

from Ben B.:
Frank Ramsey & Philip Seymour Hoffman

from Ben B.:
Russell kramer
Bertrand Russell & Michael Richards (Cosmo Kramer)

from Not sayin:

Timothy Williamson & Peter Sellars

from Not Sayin:

roger scrutonSundance Festival founder Robert Redford
Roger Scruton & Robert Redford

from Alan White:
Ernest Sosa & Jeff Bridges

from bnonymous:

Simone de Beauvoir & Julia Louis-Dreyfus

from bnonymous:

Miranda Fricker & Jennifer Garner

from bnonymous:

Elizabeth Anderson & Lena Dunham

from anonymous66:
Frances Kamm & Linda Emond

from anonymous66:
korsgaard2010_photo4 Julie & Julia (2009)

Christine Korsgaard & Meryl Streep

from ls:
Dennett Santa-in-snow

Daniel Dennett & Santa Claus

from anonymous:


Scott Soames & Jeff Daniels

from anonymous:


Rae Langton & Julia Roberts

from Clayton:
Alston Walston

William Alston & Ray Walston

from Dale Miller:

Brad Hooker & Harry Chapin

from Tait Szabo:
Karl Marx & Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid from Harry Potter)

from anonymous:
Davis Paradis

Angela Davis & Vanessa Paradis

from anonymous:

West Smith

Cornel West & Kevin Smith (Silent Bob)

from anonymous:
Protevi Smith

John Protevi & Will Smith

from anonymous:
Plato Starr

Plato & Ringo Starr

from Anonymous:
Larmore Garfunkel

Charles Larmore & Art Garfunkel

from Brian Talbot:
Avicenna Bill Murray

Avicenna & Bill Murray

from Clayton:
Popper Imperioli

Karl Popper & Michael Imperioli

from Clayton:
Grayling Lion

A.C. Grayling & Bert Lahr

from via Dale Miller:
Parfit2 warhol
Derek Parfit & Andy Warhol

from Kareem Khalifa:
Brandom Hill
Robert Brandom & Dusty Hill (ZZ Top)

from Kate Norlock:
Haslanger Curtis
Sally Haslanger & Jamie Lee Curtis

from Janice Dowell and friends:
Sobel MacNee
David Sobel & Patrick Macnee

from me:
Parfit Arthur
Derek Parfit & Bea Arthur

From Rob Tempio:
Feyerabend Henderson
Paul Feyerabend & David Henderson (aka Arhus Filch from Harry Potter)

from Glen Kappel:
Fodor Durning


Jerry Fodor & Charles Durning

from Glen Kappel:
Camus Ozil
Albert Camus & Mesut Ozil

from Glen Kappel:
Chomsky Allen

Noam Chomsky & Woody Allen

from anonymous:
Nussbaum Plant 1

Martha Nussbaum & Robert Plant

from Steve Nadler:
Leibniz May

Gottfried Leibniz & Brian May

from anonymous:
Alcoff Spacek

Linda Alcoff & Sissy Spacek


from Jeanette Kennett:

Smith Neeson

Michael Smith & Liam Neeson

from Carole Parker:

Camus Dean

Albert Camus & James Dean

from Stephen Turner:
Hagerstrom King

Axel Hägerström and Don King

from Hungarian Admirer:

Mele Brian

Al Mele and Brian the dog (from Family Guy)

from David Boonin:

Jeff McMahan and Mark Hamill

Boonin notes: JM = Jeff McMahan but also Jedi Master.

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