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In the previous game, Charlie Kurth (Washington University in St. Louis) tagged Valerie Tiberius (University of Minnesota). Now, Tiberius makes a move that is especially suited for today, if you have the day off (as many in the U.S. do, owing to Labor Day). Check it out.

Many of us have had the experience of going out into nature (a weekend at a lakeside cabin, camping in a National Park, a hike to the local waterfall, and so on) and feeling a sense of peace, contentment or “unwinding”.  In “Central Park: Nature, Context, and Human Wellbeing” (International Journal of Wellbeing, 1 (2), 235-254), Dan Haybron of St. Louis University locates this experience in philosophical discussions about happiness and well-being, presenting empirical evidence for the claim that contact with nature increases happiness and using this example to argue that important determinants of our happiness are not under our control.  Some of the empirical evidence Haybron discusses is surprising and cool.  I also like that this is a piece of philosophy I could give to my (highly educated, but non-specialist) parents to read and have a reasonable hope that they’ll like it! So, Dan Haybron, you’re it!

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