Heap of Links

1. “Something as ‘mundane’ as coffee tasting generates one of the most challenging philosophical questions…” Anna Marmadoro (Oxford) on Aristotle on perception.
2. The mayor of Sao Paolo, Brazil, who has a PhD in philosophy, has been trying to implement progressive transportation policies in his city. He “has succeeded so far in unifying voters: They want him out.
3. A psychologist discusses the relationship between happiness and being focused on others, at Big Questions Online.
4. The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry has a new blog.
5. Peter Singer is interviewed about the animal rights movement, “4 decades after he started it.”
6. True Detective continues to get the philosophical treatment at The Critique, with a post on the show’s ethical outlook. Previous entries in this series are here and here.
7. Joe Cole (Guilford College) has authored a bilingual “heartwarming parable of perseverance” for children called I Built My House on a Volcano. A brief article about how the book came about is here.
8. Alex Byrne (MIT), along with Wi-Phi and Kahn Academy, have put together a video about mind-body dualism.
9. Ezekiel Emanuel, director of clinical bioethics at the NIH, explains why he hopes to die at age 75. Related.
10. Thanks so much for your criticism!

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Daniel Nagase
Daniel Nagase
9 years ago

As a resident of São Paulo, I’d just like to say that I’m a supporter of Haddad. The fact is that most Paulistanos (residents of Sâo Paulo) are incredibly reactionary; hence, when we finally have a mayor that is doing the least necessary to try and change things, his popularity sinks. As Haddad himself has said, “Paulistanos want a revolution that would change nothing”…

Daniel Nagase
Daniel Nagase
Reply to  Daniel Nagase
9 years ago

Well, I’ll be damned, it seems like I was mistaken (as was Mr. Gerson Freitas). A major Brazilian newspaper has just released the results of a new poll, according to which 80% of São Paulo’s residents approve of the bike lanes. It seems that, since he started to vigorously implement them, Haddad’s approval ratings has also slowly gone up. As usual, it seems that the majority has been drowned out by the vitriolic opposition…