Alfred Mele’s New Blog

Alfred Mele has announced a new blog project called Free Will for All. He explained on Flickers of Freedom the other day one of its distinctive features: it is dedicated to interaction with any undergraduates who are using either of his two latest books in a course, A Dialogue on Free Will and Science and Free: Why Science Hasn’t Disproved Free Will.

“It’s part of an ‘outreach’ idea I had while I was directing the Big Questions in Free Will project. The current plan is for me to check the blog two or three times each week (on most weeks) and reply to questions or comments by students. If you’re using either of the books this term and like the idea, please share the news and the URL with your students (and let me know that some of your students might be using the blog).”

(via Justin Caouette at A Philosopher’s Take)

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