Nominal Versus Real Change

As I noted here, and as he announced on his own site here, Brian Leiter has asked Berit Brogaard (Miami) to serve as a co-editor with him of the Philosophical Gourmet Report, along with another as of yet unnamed philosopher who is currently considering the offer. Of course At this point this is nothing but a nominal change in the management of the PGR. One or two people have been convinced to lend their names to the header.

Additionally, this hardly constitutes a response to the letter from the board members, as it was a move initiated prior to its delivery. Relatedly, David Chalmers reports that 31 of the 54 board members have now signed that letter.

UPDATE: A few commenters have asked about evidence for the claim that the announced changes are merely nominal. All I can do at this point is remind readers that this blog is not known for its indulgence in unfounded speculation.

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