Summer 2023 Guest Posts Review

If you took the summer off from checking in on Daily Nous, you missed a lot of writing by other philosophers.

Some of these were planned in advance as part of a summer series of weekly posts.

Others were welcome additions along the way.

If you haven’t already, check them out:

A Plea for Synthetic Philosophy
by  Catarina Dutilh Novaes


Rejection Rates Should Not Be a Measure of Journal Quality
by Toby Handfield and Kevin Zollman


The Rigor of Philosophy & the Complexity of the World
by Mark Wilson


Art gallery displaying a painting of Adam and Eve, a painting of Freytag's Triangle, and a vandalized painting of Van Gogh's field of poppies, with the words "I will argue that P" spraypainted onto it with a stencil

Some Remarks on Form in Philosophy
by Brad Skow


The Fourth Branch
by Alex Guerrero


A Case for AI Wellbeing
by Simon Goldstein and Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini


Logic Courseware, Surveyed
by Curtis Franks


Philosophy as Glial Cell
by Regina Rini


Do the Thing: Philosophy Teaching with Practical Workshops
by Cat Saint-Croix and C. Thi Nguyen


How To Alleviate the Referee Crisis: A Proposal
by Max Hayward


An Accessible and User-Friendly Argument Mapping App
by Jonathan Surovell


Desperate Honesty
by Agnes Callard


Philosophy Through Comics
by Pete Mandik


Policing Is Not Pedagogy: On the Supposed Threat of ChatGPT
by Matthew Noah Smith


The Social Turn in Analytic Philosophy: Promises and Perils
by Kevin Richardson


Philosophy Workshop Introduces New Kind of Prize
by Daniel Fogal, Nick Laskowski, and Nate Sharadin

I am very grateful to these philosophers for allowing me to publish their writing here at Daily Nous.

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