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May 2015

Crash Course: Metaethics

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Crash Course: Metaethics

Natalia Cecire, a lecturer in English and American literature at Sussex, has embarked upon an interesting project called “Crash Courses for the Desperate”:

Lately I’ve been thinking about what to do with students who suddenly need to get up to speed in a field, and don’t have time to take a course or immerse themselves in it for a year. I’m especially thinking of..

Ann Cudd from Kansas to Boston

Ann Cudd, currently Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies and University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Kansas, will become Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Boston University, starting this August. Professor Cudd works in social and political philosophy, philosophy of economics, feminist theory, and philosophy of social ..


Philosophy Tag

In our last round of Philosophy Tag,  Eric Beerbohm (Harvard) tagged Miranda Fricker (Sheffield) for her essay “Silence and Institutional Prejudice.” Professor Fricker (who has been busy elsewhere in the philosoblogosphere this week) has now broken her silence on who she has tagged. Let’s see who it is. I was recently working on issues of our epistemic resp..

Philosopher Wins Princess of Asturias Award

Spanish philosopher Emilio Lledó Iñigo has been awarded the 2015 Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.  Eight such awards are given annually, in different fields. The Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts went to Francis Ford Coppola and the award for social sciences was given to economist Esther Duflo. The awards include a replica of a Joan..


Intro Philosophy Books and Race

Nathan Nobis (Morehouse) writes in with a request:

I am seeking help with a small research project regarding race and philosophy. This project would be to (a) make a list of introductory philosophy and ethics textbooks and anthologies and (b) review those books to see what content they have regarding race. This is to find out what readings various anthologies con..