In-Person Philosophy Courses for the Public

Does your institution offer in-person philosophy courses for the public? The Sydney School of Continental Philosophy (School of the Arts & Media, UNSW Australia) and The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy (University of Melbourne) do. Courses are run during school breaks and in the evenings, are relatively inexpensive, have no prerequisites and no assessments (via Dirk Felleman). Learning about the prevalence and variety of such courses would be useful for those interested in starting similar programs of their own.


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anon grad student
anon grad student
8 years ago

the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research ( often runs philosophy courses.

Michael Brent
8 years ago

I also wanted to mention the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, as one of the co-founders. In terms of philosophy classes offered to the public, we’ve had a great response thus far and have learned much about what does, and does not, work. Please feel free to reach out for more information, if interested.