What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher?

What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher? is the new project of Clifford Sosis (Coastal Carolina). What’s it all about? He says:

I decided to start What Is It Like To Be A Philosopher? because one of the things I like most about conferences, and hanging out with philosophers generally, is learning about the people who do philosophy. How we are similar. How we are different. I’m interested in what philosophers were interested in before they got into philosophy, if anything. I want to know what their parents did, whether they were philosophical kids, what they were up to as undergrads, and what teachers or books or movies inspired them. Did they had second thoughts about grad school? Did they think about doing something else? What did their parents think about the decision to go into philosophy? How did they decide on a dissertation topic? What was writing the dissertation like? Was the job market good? How does a career in philosophy affect a philosopher’s personal life? What are philosophers interested in besides philosophy? What’s the ultimate goal of philosophy (if any)?  What personal experiences do we bring to the table when we do philosophy? How does philosophy change the philosopher? You know, the stuff it would be weird to ask during the Q and A period after a presentation or strange to bring up when everybody’s talking shop after a colloquium. I want to dig a little deeper into the psychology of philosophers.

The first interview is with Berit Brogaard (Miami), with several more already in the queue.

Note this: “If you want to share your story, have a suggestion, or have a question for an interview in progress feel free to send me an e-mail or a tweet.”

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