Philosophical Candy

Halloween is coming around again, that time of year where we have fun making things extra scary. But hasn’t this past year been frightening enough?

So I don’t think we need to discuss, as we have in previous years, the causes of deaths of philosophers, scary philosophical ideas, philosophy horror films, or philosophers’ scary nicknames. And since we won’t be attending any big Halloween parties, we won’t need to think about which philosophy ideas make for good costumes or what the Halloween costumes of famous philosophers should have been. So what’s left?

Well what about the nice part of Halloween? That’s right, the candy. Between the coronavirus and a close election we could all use a bit of the “treat” part of “trick or treat”, no?

So for Halloween this year, philosophers, our task is this: create candies based on philosophers or philosophical ideas, give them good names that sufficiently allude to said philosophers or ideas while also being a good candy name, and describe them for us.

To get things started:

Kit-Kant – It’s like a Kit-Kat, but instead of four pieces it has enough so that everyone can take one.

Here are a couple of others:

Carties – Tiny pieces of fruit-flavored wax that you can squeeze, stretch, and melt all you want—they’ll still be wax! Yum!

GEMmies – Hard candies that are so good, you’ll intend to eat them all, but not to have none left.

Have at it, philosofriends…

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