Philosophy Horror Films

Halloween is almost upon us, and to mark the occasion, Nolen Gertz, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Twente, Ethicist For Hire, and philosophy comic strip artist,  took to Twitter recently to list some philosophy horror films (#philosophyhorrorfilms):

A few others, including yours truly, joined in:

And there are some entries under the same hashtag from previous years:

and, of course:

Your entries in the pantheon of philosophy horror films are welcome.

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Hey Nonny Mouse
Hey Nonny Mouse
6 years ago

You can tell how little I want to grade right now by the number of these that occurred to me.

The Budget Slasher
The Dead Undead: Somebody Call a Priest!
Fatal Objection
A Hypothetical on Elm Street
The Inauthentic Dead
Ockham’s Razor: Tonight, He Will Be Justified In Believing In One Less Entity
Psycho Physicalist
Rosemary’s Thesis
The Texas Theory Massacre
The Thing Itself
The Trolley: Your Only Choice Is Death
Wittgenstein’s Box: Don’t Look Inside
You-Die-Monea: What is it to live? Well?
Freddy vs. Descartes: A Clear and Distinct Perception of Injury
An X Such That X Is From The Black Lagoon, And For Any Y, If Y Is From The Black Lagoon, Then X = Y.

6 years ago

Phänomenologie des Poltergeistes
Bride of Wittgenstein
Let the Right One and the Many In
The Gadfly
Descartes’ Pet Sematary (cringe)
De Anima-tor
The Silence of the Amphibolies
The OM-en
The Sixth Sense and Sensibilia
Lucio Fulci’s P-Zombi 2
The Scheining
Paranormal Energeia
Beyond Good and Evil Dead

6 years ago

Beyond the Veil of Ignorance
The Stranger (Things)
Occam: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Philosophical Zombieland
The Grave Heidegger
Too Jung to Die
666: The Marx of the Beast
Pettit Sematary
Honestly, this is the most grateful I’ve ever been that Justin allows us to post anonymously.

Jessica Wolfendale
Jessica Wolfendale
6 years ago

Gettier Out

Matt Weiner
Matt Weiner
6 years ago

The Man Who Had Too Many Justified True Beliefs

Alan White
Alan White
6 years ago

Frankfurtstein Meets the Wolf Woman
Plantinga of the Apes
The Blog

Joshua Wretzel
Joshua Wretzel
6 years ago

Beats the hell out of grading logic exams!

The Critique of Judgment Day
The Ring (of Gyges)
The Thing (in itself)
Alien(ated Labor)
Psycho(logical Explanations)
Frankensteins and Symbols
Making It Explicit (or: Stephen King for Dummies)
The WIcker Man’s Search For Meaning
The Philosophical Good Friday the 13th (maybe only for fellow Hegel nerds?)
The Innocents and Reference
The Jaws of Plato

6 years ago

Bride of Kripkenstein.

6 years ago

The Ghosts of Departed Quantities (that might be an HPS-crowd in-joke: does anybody read Berkeley’s The Analyst?)

John Protevi
John Protevi
6 years ago

The Gorgonology of Morals
I Will Make You Into A Body Without Organs