Protesting Cuts to Philosophy Departments Can Make A Difference

Recently announced plans to cut philosophy programs at the University of the West of England at Bristol (UWE) and Adrian College in Michigan have been reversed.

Maybe a little celebration is in order

The proposed elimination of philosophy at UWE prompted responses such as a petition and a letter signed by the heads of philosophy departments at 50 universities arguing for its survival. Marc Griffiths, Pro-vice Chancellor and Executive Dean at UWE, announced today that the philosophy program “will continue to be open to new students.” He thanks the members of the philosophy department for their “engagement with this constructive review and the passion and enthusiasm you demonstrated for your programme.”

Adrian College President Jeffrey Docking, who had announced in August his plan to eliminate several humanities departments, including philosophy, according to MLive, said he “received a lot of well-articulated and passionate feedback asking the college to reconsider its decision, which helped convince him to go in a different direction.”

Also, as reported earlier this year, philosophy also survived a proposed cut at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Philosophy programs don’t always survive proposals to eliminate them, but it seems that at least some of the time, making a public case for their defense, strongly and loudly, can make a difference.

(UWE news via Josh Habgood-Coote)

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