“Should I Go To Graduate School in Philosophy?”

Professors (and graduate students) occasionally get asked, “should I go to graduate school in philosophy?”

In a recent episode of the Overthink Podcast, philosophy professor co-hosts Ellie Anderson (Pomona) and David Peña-Guzmán (San Francisco State) take up this question. Watch below, and feel free to comment with points you think someone asking this question should consider.


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11 months ago

I’d advise people not to get a PhD in philosophy unless they felt like they really had to do it. Not only is the job market terrible but all the rejections you get in the process harm your mental health. I actually made a video about it. https://youtu.be/zU04AaMd7F0

Recent Grad
Recent Grad
Reply to  Jason
11 months ago

This is a really great video, Jason. I would give essentially the same advice, as would most recent grads I know.

Richard Kim
Reply to  Jason
11 months ago

Jason’s video is great and I would highly recommend it.