How to Find Philosophy Events on Clubhouse

Some more philosophers are finding their way onto Clubhouse (previously), and a few philosophy events open to anyone on Clubhouse are taking place. But how can you find them? And if you’re hosting or taking part in an event, how can you let other philosophers know about it?

The search tool on the app is not especially useful. Searching for “philosophy” yields a list of people who have “philosophy” in their handles or a bunch of clubs possibly related to philosophy, but probably not all the ones that actuall are, nor in any particular order. You can’t search for specific events.

Into this functionality gap steps Kelly Truelove, who has rigged up a page that lists all Clubhouse events that have been announced on Twitter by those on his “Philosophers on Twitter” list (those with 1,000 or more followers): Philosophers’ Clubhouse Event Announcements.

The page updates daily.

You may also want to post your event on the “Open, Live, Online Philosophy Events” (OLOPE) spreadsheet. (Clubhouse events are limited to Clubhouse users but membership, though by invitation, is free, so I’m counting it as “open enough”.) Posting to the OLOPE spreadsheet is an especially good option for people who don’t have a Twitter account, or do but have under 1,000 followers.

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3 years ago

a great idea.