Free Online Philosophy Courses for Spanish Speaking Youth

Philosophy for Children Without Borders (Filosofía Infantil Sin Fronteras), formerly known as Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands (previously), has launched a free, virtual philosophy course for Spanish-speaking youth.

The new course consists of ten interactive, Spanish-language lessons on “philosophical questions such as the nature of time, whether and why we ought to be good, the nature of a philosophical argument, what makes something ‘real,’ and more,” according to a press release.

The course was created by Amy Reed-Sandoval, director of Filosofía Infantil Sin Fronteras and assistant professor of philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). It emerged from the earlier Philosophy for Children in the Borderlands project, shifting from in-person programs along the U.S.- Mexico borderlands (El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico) because of the COVID-19 pandemic, to one “offering online content for families who are practicing social distancing—reaching a much broader audience of Spanish-speaking communities in the process, including new community partners in Colombia.”

The course uses the education software platform Canvas, and includes discussions, assignments, video logs, quizzes, and other activities. It also uses video dialogue tools Flipgrid and Panopto to stream and record lectures. It is funded by the Whiting Foundation through their Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship.

The course website is here.

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Wes McMichael
Wes McMichael
3 years ago

So cool! I’m sending the link to my nephews and nieces in Peru right now.

Thanks for putting this together, Amy!