Lasting Lessons of the Academic Lockdown

Most university and college campuses have been mostly closed for a month or so at this point, with professors teaching their courses online from home and meetings happening via videoconferencing.

Professors, students, administrators, and staff have all had to change, to some extent at least, how they work individually and together, and have also, perhaps, changed how they think about certain aspects of academic life, work, and our relationships with each other.

There are fears that the massive move online might be used as an excuse for longer-term “cost-cutting” changes many educators feel would be for the worse (e.g., a decrease in in-person teaching options, reduced hiring).

But perhaps there are elements of academic life under lockdown that are worth preserving, or that have prompted thoughts worth keeping once this current threat has passed. If so, what are they?

photo by J. Weinberg

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