Spreadsheet for Open, Live, & Online Philosophy Conferences & Other Events

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted philosophers to move conferences and related events online, or create new online events, and to make at least the viewing of them open to all.

To make it easier for people in the philosophical community to learn about such events, I created a Google spreadsheet to which organizers can add theirs.

The events added to this spreadsheet should meet the following criteria:

  • Open. Accessible to viewers and/or participants without them having to pay fees or join a dues-paying group.
  • Live. Not merely the posting of a previously recorded event.
  • Online. Accessible in some online format (videoconferencing, audiofeeds, blogs).
  • Organized by an academic philosopher or a group that includes academic philosophers.

I added two events previously mentioned on Daily Nous to get things started. Feel free to add events you are putting on.

You can also access the spreadsheet here [you should be able to add events to the spreadsheet at the link].

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Manuel G. Isaac
3 years ago

Wow! That’s fantastic initiative: thanks so much!

James Beebe
James Beebe
3 years ago

You have the time for these events listed in terms of Eastern Standard Time. But the eastern US is on Eastern Daylight Time. Since many countries don’t recognize daylight savings, I don’t know if using EDT would confuse things for some people. Anyway, just wanted to point this out.

3 years ago

This is Great! Thanks! It would be useful to also include a link to the event (both for direct participation and for more info).

3 years ago

Sorry, I now see that there’s a link to the event — for some reason I couldn’t see it on my phone. Perhaps the link could be embedded as part of the event title, so to make it easier to browse the sheet also from mobile devices.

James Beebe
3 years ago

I think that having a central place that lists open, online philosophy events was a great idea. The spreadsheet hasn’t been updated for a while. I would like to suggest that this idea be reposted and that people be encouraged to update the spreadsheet. I’ve been enjoying online philosophy events lately, but I’ve set up my digital life so that I regularly hear about them. Many people might be interested in these events but not know where to look to find out about them. Thanks