Summer Programs in Philosophy for High School Students 2020

Are you organizing a summer program in philosophy for high school students, or know of any? 

[Alex Thibodeau, Lunar Calendar 2020, detail]

If so, please comment on this post with information about the program, including:

Program Name
Dates of Program
Application Deadline

Thank you!

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Tristram McPherson
4 years ago

Ohio State will host its fourth annual Philosophy and Critical Thinking Summer Camp this coming June. We will hold two five-day camps:

June 8-12, 2020, and
June 15-19, 2020.

The camp is based in University Hall at the main campus of Ohio State, in Columbus Ohio .
Our priority application deadline is April 20th, but we will consider later applications.

This year’s theme is “Freedom and Flourishing.” We will explore questions like the following, through examination of media, guest lectures, discussions, and debates:

Do we have free will?
Is happiness more important than freedom?
Can too much freedom be bad for you?
What makes for a meaningful or good life?
What can we learn about freedom and the good life from diverse philosophical traditions?
Is it ever OK to restrict someone’s freedom?

For more information, or to apply, go to:

Daniel Propson
4 years ago

Oakland University is hosting our third annual Philosophy Camp from July 13-17th on the Oakland campus in Rochester, Michigan.

Philosophy Camp is a weeklong day camp experience which brings university professors, philosophy undergraduates, and high school students together, giving students a crash course introduction to the discipline of philosophy, and giving professors and undergraduates the opportunity to engage with the interests and insights of their younger counterparts. We do not assume that the professionals have a monopoly on wisdom! There is a small fee, and scholarships are available. Lunches are included.

We are still developing our theme for this summer, though we’re expecting that the theme will involve zombies.

Registrations will be due by June 1st. Please join our mailing list at or find more information at

Derek Halm
4 years ago

The University of Utah is excited to run the 2nd annual “Philosophy with Purpose” pre-college philosophy program. This year, the focus will be on “Truth, Truthiness, and Fake News.” Additional details are provided below.

Program Name: Philosophy with Purpose: Truth, Truthiness, and Fake News

Location: University of Utah

Dates of Program: June 15-19

Application Deadline: June 11th.

Course Description: It is rare to have an opportunity to experience philosophy before college. Well, that’s all about to change. Join the Department of Philosophy in this fun, thought-provoking class focused on fake news and the value of truth. Talk about contemporary issues while adding unique skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, and the importance of ethics to your toolbox. With those skills, you will be able to talk with local news professionals about truth and reporting in the real-world during the week. Plus, you’ll research your own project and have a chance to present it to your parents and peers.

Kayla Bohannon
Kayla Bohannon
4 years ago

The graduate students at the University of Kentucky are planning our annual philosophy summer camp, newly branded as LEAD (Logic, Evaluation, and Debate) Summer Camp. It will be held on our campus in Lexington, Kentucky on July 6-10, 2020. We would prefer to have all applications by May 31, but we are flexible.

At UK, we believe that philosophy can offer students a number of skills that will make them more competitive in both job interviews and the college admissions process. LEAD focuses on two of those skills: logical reasoning and critical debate. In the mornings, campers will practice logic puzzles that will hone their critical reasoning abilities, and participate in seminar-style discussions of philosophical topics. In the afternoons, campers will prepare for a debate competition, which will take place at the end of the week.

To learn more and view our application, please visit our website:

Kristopher Phillips
4 years ago

Southern Utah University will once again host the Utah Lyceum.
We will welcome students (ages 13-18) to the campus of Southern Utah University in Cedar City, UT from June 8-12.
All participants will receive free philosophical texts, lunch each day, and instruction in formal and informal logic (along with a general introduction to major areas of philosophy).
Deadline for enrollment is late May. For further details, email us at: UtahLyceum[at]Gmail[dot]com

Greg Gianopoulos
Greg Gianopoulos
4 years ago

EXPLO Chicago (formerly EXPLO at Yale)
Chicago, IL
SESSION ONE June 28 – July 18 / SESSION TWO July 19 – August 8
Philosophy elective: