Summer Programs in Philosophy for Undergraduates – 2020

As in the past, I’m opening up a post for the listing of summer programs in philosophy for undergraduate students.

[Alex Thibodeau, Lunar Calendar 2020, detail]

If you are organizing such a program, please add a comment to this post that includes the program name, dates, location, contact information, application deadline, a description of the program, and a link to further information, like so:

Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy
“Agreement, Disagreement, and Uncertainty”
University of Colorado, Boulder
June 7-26, 2020
Application Review begins March 15, 2020
Description: The Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy is intended for outstanding advanced undergraduates who are considering graduate school in philosophy. The aim is to introduce students to the atmosphere of a graduate-level seminar, giving them a chance to explore their philosophical abilities and interests before they commit to a graduate program. The topic for the 2020 Summer Seminar is “Agreement, Disagreement, and Uncertainty”. The seminar will be team taught by twelve or more faculty members and will cover a wide variety of historical and contemporary issues in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. Expected class sessions include discussions of: agreement and sexual consent, agreement and the social contract tradition, religious disagreement, disagreement and the status of intuitions, individual disagreement and group-level mental states, moral disagreement and moral realism, moral uncertainty and the law, uncertainty and external world skepticism, uncertainty and inductive skepticism, uncertainty and quantum physics, and ethical theory and uncertainty about the future.
Further information here:

For information about summer programs in philosophy for graduate students, see this page.

Art: “The Instruments Agree” by Alec Thibodeau

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