Univ. of Washington Creates Certificate of Mastery in Philosophy for Children

The Center for Philosophy for Children at the University of Washington is now offering a Certificate of Mastery in Philosophy for Children.

The Center, founded in 1996 by Jana Mohr Lone, runs a number of programs aimed at cultivating young kids’ interest in, and talent for, philosophical thinking.

The new Certificate of Mastery in Philosophy for Children is for graduate students “interested in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead philosophy sessions in K-12 classrooms.” It involves a series of courses in philosophy and education, time in kindergarten-through-twelfth-grade classrooms, and participation in a workshop or similar event.

To my knowledge, this certificate is the first of its kind. You can learn more about it here. Jana Mohr Lone blogs at Wondering Aloud and is on Twitter at @JanaMohrLone.

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