What You Wish Someone Had Told You About the Academic Philosophy Job Market

What do you wish you had known about finding a job in academic philosophy, but didn’t, when you were a graduate student preparing to do so?

Given how much the philosophy job market has changed over the past decade or so, in regard to the kinds of positions available, the professional expectations at play, and the various procedures, materials, resources, and technologies involved in job seeking and hiring, it would be especially valuable for those who currently are, or who’ve recently been, on the job market, to share what they’ve learned from their experiences.

At the same time, those who have been employed as academic philosophers for a while may have advice or insights about the job market from a quite different perspective, perhaps one less cluttered with the pressing demands of finding a job but nonetheless useful for how to think about it.

Those who are now or will soon be searching for a career in academic philosophy will no doubt appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. Thanks.

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