Philosophy Job-Market Mentoring Program

A mentoring program for those seeking jobs as academic philosophers is now accepting participants. The program is meant to complement the Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy and so is open to those in need who cannot make use of that program, “regardless of background.”

The aim of the program is “to enable job candidates in philosophy who face special challenges, including those with little access to mentoring (e.g., because their department or advisor does not offer this), to receive advice and support from more experienced members of the profession.”

If you think you would benefit from such help, you can learn more about it here.

The program needs mentors, too, so if you have a tenured or tenure-track position, consider serving as a mentor. You can sign up to do so here.

Lui Ferreyra, “Sum Ergo Sum”

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Colin McGinn
Colin McGinn
6 years ago

This seems like a good project. I’d be happy to help.

Marcus Arvan
6 years ago

Thanks for drawing attention to the program, Justin – we appreciate it!