“Research Active Faculty” Criteria

(NOTE: I’m reposting this because there appeared to be problems with commenting on the original version.) A philosophy professor writes in with some questions about whether, and if so, how, various universities classify tenured faculty and distribute responsibilities among them:

I’m at a large private research university where tenure stream philosophers teach six courses per year and have substantial service obligations. Our administration wants to be able to classify certain tenured faculty as research active and assign more teaching to tenured faculty who aren’t research active. They’ve instructed my department to develop relevant criteria that can be applied to our faculty.

Some questions for DN readers:

  1. Does your university do anything like this (and what kind of university is it)?
  2. If so, what does it take for tenured philosophers to count as research active at your university? Info about how the relevant standards compare to those for awarding tenure would be helpful here.
  3. If your university doesn’t do anything like this, what if any criteria do you think would be reasonable?


(Video of “Asinas II” by Jennifer Townley. More here.)

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