Guide to Online Self-Promotion

Guide to Online Self-Promotion

Last spring we discussed some issues regarding self-promotion in philosophy. The focus then was largely on egotistical and boorish online behavior. The current discussion of here has brought renewed interest to the topic, particularly on the question of how to do it well, and a request for a guide to online self-promotion in philosophy.

Online self-promotion can affect not just the visibility of you and your work, but also how much your work is cited (and small differences in number of citations might be especially significant in a field with poor and selective citation practices). Further, online self-promotion, in contrast to conferences and the networking of your friends and advisors, seems to have the potential to be less unfairly inegalitarian. So, how should one go about it? What tools and resources should one use, and how? And how can one do it well without seeming pushy, or overly careerist, or socially oblivious?

Please share your strategies and suggestions, including particular sites, apps, tools, and techniques you use or have seen used well.

(Thanks to Ellie Mason and Pekka Väyrynen for the idea for this post.)

(image: photos of “when the universe is addressed ceremoniously, it will respond” by Sheila Ghidini)

Ghidini when universe addressed



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