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A professor who prefers to remain anonymous writes in: has recently, and without previous announcement, changed its appearance.  This is, in itself, not remarkable, but the changes are vast and drastic and have an enormous effect on several of the features of the past; features which users used to have control over.  For instance, they completely deleted overnight (not moved elsewhere, not saved for the users somewhere) the “Posts” section, which many of us users used as a blog of sorts or for announcements.  I had a number of items there, which I consider important, and they are all gone.  I inquired several times, even called their Skype account (to which I have access, since they recently contacted me with a favor), but never received a single reply.  

The site seems much more restrictive now and does not offer users much liberty to design their own page, all of which is entirely unprecedented and completely opaque.
I have trusted this website and preferred it over the many other offerings that are out there, but I am beginning to feel very uneasy about them.  I wonder what other Academia users think.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Alternatives?

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