Philosophy Job Placement Data Update

Carolyn Dicey Jennings (UC Merced) posts that the final report for the Academic Placement Data and Analysis project is complete. She’ll eventually be posting more about it, but I repost some of the information from the report below. One thing worth noting is that though 169 programs were contacted, only 87 added or updated information to the project database. If you are at a PhD-granting philosophy program, consider checking whether your department took part, or discussing it at your next meeting.

Clearly, a lot of work went into this project, and I encourage readers to look over the full report. Here are some findings (with images reposted from the report):

First, over the 2012-2014 period, on average, 53% of job seekers found permanent (tenure-track or similar) academic employment, with the trend worsening over the years:

APDA overall placement

Over the same time period, 42% of job candidates are placed in a permanent position the year they earn their PhD:

APDA time to permanent placement

As for gender, 62% of female candidates and 53% of male candidates eventually find permanent positions, with 49% of female candidates getting placed in those positions in their first year on the market, compared to 39% for male candidates. There are roughly two-and-half times* more placed male job candidates than female ones.

APDA gender and placement

Feel free to discuss these findings, or share others from the report you think are worth drawing attention to.

*I had initially written “roughly three times” here. Thanks to David Wallace for the correction.

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