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Ought Experiment

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Ought Experiment

Welcome to Ought Experiment!  For our first advice column, an ABD grad student writes:

Over the last several years, I have repeatedly noticed a trend among professional philosophers in the blogosphere: they speak frequently of a deep, passionate love of philosophy and believe that their love of the discipline justifies the choice to pursue graduate study despite ..


Philosophy Tag

In our last round of Philosophy Tag,  Eric Beerbohm (Harvard) tagged Miranda Fricker (Sheffield) for her essay “Silence and Institutional Prejudice.” Professor Fricker (who has been busy elsewhere in the philosoblogosphere this week) has now broken her silence on who she has tagged. Let’s see who it is. I was recently working on issues of our epistemic resp..

Philosophy Tag

In our previous edition of Philosophy Tag, my attempts to get Sarah Conly (Bowdoin) to tag someone’s article failed. She instead tagged someone’s book. Ok, fine. Michael Bishop (Florida State) had tagged her book, and I allowed it, so how could I deny her the opportunity to do the same? She tagged When The State Speaks, What Should It Say? by Corey Brettschneider (B..