Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update


Here’s the weekly report on new and revised entries in online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books.



  1. Gustav Theodor Fechner,​ by Frederick C. Beiser (Syracuse).
  2. Empirical Approaches to Altruism,​ by John Doris (Cornell), Stephen Stich(Rutgers), and Lachlan Walmsley (Australia National University).


  1. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, by Paul Redding.​
  2. Joseph Albo,​ by Dror Ehrlich.
  3. Voluntary Euthanasia, by Robert Young.​
  4. Moral Psychology: Empirical Approaches, by John Doris, Stephen Stich, Jonathan​ Phillips, and Lachlan Walmsley.

IEP ​ ∅


  1. David Konstan (New York) reviews Laughter, Humor, and Comedy in Ancient Philosophy (Oxford), by Pierre Destrée, and Franco V. Trivigno (eds.).
  2. Justin E. H. Smith (Paris) reviews Living Mirrors: Infinity, Unity, and Life in Leibniz’s Philosophy (Oxford), by Ohad Nachtomy.
  3. David-Hillel Ruben (London) reviews Jewish Philosophy in an Analytic Age (Oxford), by Samuel Lebens, Dani Rabinowitz, and Aaron Segal (eds.).
  4. Glenda Satne (Wollongong) reviews How History Gets Things Wrong: The Neuroscience of Our Addiction to Stories (MIT), by Alex Rosenberg.
  5. Claudio de Almeida, PUCRS (Brazil), and J.R. Fett, UFSM (Brazil) review Knowledge from Non-Knowledge: Inference, Testimony and Memory (Cambridge), by Federico Luzzi.
  6. Anat Matar (Tel Aviv) reviews Wittgenstein in the 1930s: Between the Tractatus and the Investigations (Cambridge), by David G. Stern (ed.).
  7. Ann E. Cudd (Pittsburgh) reviews The Origins of Unfairness: Social Categories and Cultural Evolution ​(Oxford), by Cailin O’Connor.
  8. Carlo Penco (Genoa), and Margherita Benzi (Eastern Piedmont) reviews The Logic of Information: A Theory of Philosophy as Conceptual Design ​(Oxford), by Luciano Floridi.
  9. Nikolay Milkov (Paderborn) reviews The Bloomsbury Companion to Bertrand Russell (Bloomsbury), by Russell Wahl (ed.).
  10. Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins) reviews Five Modes of Scepticism: Sextus Empiricus and the Agrippan Modes ​(Oxford), by Stefan Sienkiewicz.

1000-Word Philosophy

  1. Sexual Orientation,​ by Raja Halwani (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

Wireless Philosophy ​ ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Self-Confidence: A Philosophy​, by Charles Pépin, trans. Willard Wood, is reviewed at Kirkus Reviews.
  2. Mark Dunbar reviews The History of Philosophy​ ​by A.C. Grayling at The Humanist.
  3. Anthony M. Barr reviews The Cosmopolitan Tradition: A Noble but Flawed Ideal ​by Martha C. Nussbaum at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute​.
  4. Jane O’Grady reviews Galileo’s Error: Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness by Philip Goff at Times Higher Education.
  5. Steven Knepper reviews The Existentialist’s Survival Guide by Gordon Marino at Commonweal.

Compiled by Michael Glawson.​

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