NYU Receives $6 Million for Mind, Ethics, & Policy Center

New York University has received $6 million in donations for an endowment to support the creation of the Center for Mind, Ethics, and Policy (CMEP).

The center emerged from the Mind, Ethics, and Policy Program at NYU, established just two years ago. It will be led by philosopher Jeff Sebo, who is associate professor of environmental studies at NYU, director of NYU’s Center for Environmental and Animal Protection, and co-director of its Wild Animal Welfare Program.

The mission of CMEP is “to advance understanding of the sentience and moral status of nonhumans, including animals and AIs” towards “a world in which all sentient and morally significant beings are treated with respect and compassion.”

The endowment was funded by two donations: $5,000,000 from The Navigation Fund and $1,000,000 from Polaris Ventures.

Further details here.

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8 days ago

Congratulations Jeff and the rest of your team! This is great news for the study of non-human minds and animal ethics!