Summer Plans

Summer is here, and with it, some changes for the season at Daily Nous.

[photo by Justin Weinberg]

Once again, I’ll be slowing down the pace of posts at Daily Nous for the summer, starting this week and continuing into August.

As with previous summers, there will be a series of guest posts. The plan is for these to appear once a week, starting next week. I appreciate the authors of these posts helping to keep DN interesting.

With the summer slowdown, note that comments held up in moderation may sometimes take a little while longer to appear, and emails may take a little longer to be answered. I appreciate your patience with all of that.

In mid-August, Daily Nous will resume daily postings about news and issues in academic philosophy, along with its regular features.

Thanks for reading. I hope your summer* is off to a good start!

(* Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case, I hope your winter is off to a good start.)

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Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
21 days ago

Guest posts worked well in previous summers and provided a well-deserved break for Justin, as well an opportunity for him to research, relax, travel, and do philosophy.

Perhaps this would be the place to ask him and others: what are *your* summer plans?

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