Site Damage & Repair (updated)

Daily Nous suffered an as-of-yet unexplained “critical error” tonight. The site was down for several hours and could only get back online by restoring an earlier version of it. 

As a result, all posts and comments published since sometime on February 13th are not currently on the site.

With luck, at least some of the missing posts, and perhaps the comments, will be back online by the end of the weekend.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE (2/18/24): I’ve restored the posts published this past week that had been deleted in the site reset. I have not yet restored the comments; I have yet to look into whether that is possible and what it would entail but hope to do so soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Martin Lenz
4 months ago

Oh my! I’m so sorry to hear this. Best of luck!