First Sub-Saharan Ethics Center Approaches 5th Anniversary; Seeks Funds for Conference

EthicsLab, a research center in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is organizing a conference in celebration of its upcoming fifth anniversary, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help people attend it.

Created in 2019 and based at the Catholic University of Central Africa, EthicsLab (previously) is the first ethics center in sub-Saharan Africa. Its mission, in part, is

to amplify the African perspective on global and regional challenges, and to build connections between African scholars and scholars from other regions of the world. EthicsLab offers scholarships to young African philosophers, organizes academic conferences, and organizes debates on challenges facing Africa. It also organizes a summer school, the Yaoundé Seminar, which has become an international institution.

The conference will take place in June of 2024. It’s aim is to “bring together a large group of scholars from Africa and the rest of the world.” The organizers say,

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for academics from all over the world to engage with many of the talented scholars from across the African continent, and vice versa. In our view, there is far too little interaction of this kind, and the conference represents one way in which EthicsLab is aiming to facilitate more of it.

The fundraiser is “primarily to fund travel and accommodation expenses for philosophers based in Africa to attend the conference,” says one of the conference organizers, Brian Berkey (University of Pennsylvania). Funds will also be used to help keep EthicsLab in operation.

You can check out and contribute to the fundraiser here.

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3 months ago

This is a great endeavor, Brian!