Reminder: Philosophy Summer Programs 2024

In the fall I put up posts for listing philosophy programs for the upcoming summer.

[Henri Matisse, “View of Collioure”]

Listing your summer programs here increases the chances that more people (including potential applicants) learn about them.

Here they are:

Philosophy Summer Programs for High School Students – 2024

• Philosophy Summer Programs for Undergraduates – 2024

• Philosophy Summer Programs for Graduate Students/PhDs – 2024

If you’re involved with a philosophy summer program, please click on the appropriate post and list it in the comments there. Thank you.


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Edouard Machery
6 months ago

The Center for Philosophy of Science will organize its 7th edition of the Pittsburgh Summer Program in Philosophy of Science from July 8 to 12, 2024. 15 students attend 2 seminars in philosophy of science every day, all costs paid. Application deadline: March 15. more information there: